14 comments on “FANCHANT

  1. Annyeong!!!!Im Marwin Antonio from the philippines and
    I love exo !!!!Kris is my favorite exo member but I already know that he is leaved in that k pop group which is EXO!!and ofcourse I love your blog, I hope a lot that you will continue this Blog as much as possible!!!!!!Saranghae!!!!;):);)

  2. ka kalo exo acount itu apa?kl fanbord itu d mn??
    maksud biar kita bisa ninggalin pesen buat exo itu lohh…….

  3. hi,i’m an ARABIC EXOtic from jordan
    i’m really really like your blog and i
    have a blog that take about exo too
    but my blog its for arabic exotic
    and i’m a huge fan to your blog
    i hope you will continue with all success
    in your blog thx

  4. min mau tanya, bentar lagi kan SMTOWN di jakarta, trus exotic ada project buat exo tidak? setau saya, si Chen itu ultahnya 21 september? dan SMTOWN 22 september? ^^

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